Doctor Who:You stole me. And I stole you.

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Felix’s loft door appreciation

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i wonder why when women write teen novels they’re categorized as chicklit yet when jgreen writes teen novels hes a nyt best selling author and praised as understanding the tru nature of teens nvm i know why

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Sarah + impersonating her genetic identicals

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oh and psa: never ever mix ativan/benzodiazepines with alcohol because you will not remember anything you do and you will post dumb shit on tumblr and also not remember like half of your day so there’s that


I’d like to thank the Merlin fandom for continuing to pump very large amounts of fanfic out of their arse even though the show ended

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“I wish so much there had been a Rae when I was growing up. It would have made my life so much easier to have had someone real on TV that I could have looked at and gone: ‘I kind of look like her. I don’t look perfect, but she’s got friends. People love her so maybe people will like me for being me. I don’t have to change. I can just be myself…’ How can kids and teenagers feel comfortable when they can’t see anyone who looks like them anywhere?” - Sharon Rooney

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Happy Birthday David John McDonald (18.4.1971)

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Happy 43rd Birthday, David Tennant! (April 18th, 1971)

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